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What a week! Heading into Wednesday night’s debate in Denver, Romney was a man already on the ropes, bruised and battered by the polls. President Obama was flying like a butterfly. The stakes were as high as Republican morale was low. The match was on.

Emerging from his corner, Romney gloved up and spent 90 minutes ever-so-politely drubbing President Obama — in front of no less than 67 million viewers. It was an epic performance. Indeed, the result may have been almost as lopsided had Romney been debating an empty chair.

Matt and Krista were a stone’s throw away from the debate at the media center aka Spin Room where Krista was live blogging for the Denver Post. Afterward they hung out in the Spin Room among the stunned and somewhat dejected press corps, celebrity pundits, and campaign staff. We’ll offer our full debrief of the evening, in all its glorious detail. Let’s just say Axelrod was looking a tad grim.

It was pure jubilation the next day at CPAC. A speaker at the event, Krista drank in the enthusiasm.  She still can’t stop smiling.

What’s up next? The Biden-Ryan debate. Will the silver-tongued Joe Biden step up and save the day for Team Obama? Hmmm… We’re betting Axelrod is growing even grimmer at the prospect.

We’ll also consider the case for privatizing Big Bird, the spiritual dimension of an iPhone (or lack thereof), the poetry of Yeats and Arnold, illegal manatee riding and some novel uses for bear spray.

Don’t miss the hard-hitting commentary and groovy bumper music. Tune in to 710 KNUS or 1460 KZNT Colorado Springs or online at from 5 to 8 PM. Your smart choice for Sunday night radio.

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