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Plastic Surgery and Before & After Photos

Priyanka Chopra Cosmetic Surgery – Before and After Photos

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In case you stay connected with Bollywood you would have surely heard of Priyanka Chopra but in case you do not know about her note that Priyanka Chopra is a very popular Indian actress and was born on 18th July in the year 1982.priyanka-chopra-before-and-after-makeup

She came into the spotlight when she won the Miss World Pageant in the year 2000. Since then she has acted in loads of hit Bollywood movies and is also one of the most highly paid actresses in the industry. Apart from the Miss World Pageant she has also won numerous awards such as National Film Award for the Best Actress and the Film fare Awards in 4 different categories.

Apart from acting Priyanka Chopra can also sing really well. Not so long ago rumours of Priyanka Chopra having undergone plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance her looks seemed to have surfaced. So the question is whether Priyanka Chopra has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or not.

Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery Procedures

The rumours of Priyanka Chopra going under the knife surface after posts from a well-known internet media provider in India.



They speculated that Priyanka has undergone plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance both her face as well as her body. They compared older photos of Priyanka Chopra to the ones taken recently to prove their point.

The list of plastic surgery procedures that are speculated in case of Priyanka Chopra include Face lift, a Rhinoplasty, Lip augmentation and also Breast enhancement supplements.

A face lift has been speculated because when you compare her images it is quite noticeable that her face looks brighter and smoother than it was probably few years ago.



On the negative side it does not look as natural as it once did. A rhinoplasty is speculated because her nose now looks narrower and also sharper than it did few years ago.

Even her nostrils appear to be smaller than it did in her older pics. Apart from these procedures she is also speculated to have undergone Lip augmentation. Lip augmentation is speculated because now her lips appear to be fuller than they did before.

Lips can be made fuller with the help of certain chemicals. Breast augmentation is another procedure she is suspected to have undergone and the reason behind that is her breasts appear to be fuller than they did in the older images.

One thing you should keep in mind is that none of these rumours have been proven 100% true yet. No doctor related to the surgery has come out in the open and spoken about it. Neither has Priyanka Chopra ever said anything about it to the media nor has someone close to her ever said anything about it and hence there still is no definite proof whether he has gone under the knife or not.

So till the time there is come concrete evidence to prove that Priyanka Chopra has undergone plastic surgery procedure, fans from all around the world will continue to ask questions related to it.


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